Sectoral Table of technological diagnosis (health and care) of the EDIH DATAlife project

Last Friday, together with DIH DATAlife, we organized the second sectoral health and care table within the EDIH DATAlife project, to delve deeper into the challenge extracted from the first table: Residences 4.0. We were accompanied by ADOC, AFAGA Alzheimer, ASPANAES, ATENDO, atlanTTic Research Center, BiG Formación, DomusVi España, Choose Consultores, Himikode, MOIRAI, O LECER SENIOR CARE, Serge, Soltec Ingenieros, Plexus Tech, and Televes; and the need to carry out a digital transformation of the sector was highlighted not only for people but with the participation of people.

Sensorics and people’s living areas were the most prominent technology and application area.

We reminded participants of the services that DATAlife and its partners provide from the EDIH project of which the Cluster Saúde de Galicia, CSG is an active part, especially contributing their experience to the future demolabs/datalabs that they want to establish.