“Learning Expedition – LEX” or study missions, are one of CSG’s main internationalization services. The main objective is to identify strategic partners and investment possibilities for the CSG ecosystem.

These missions can be direct, reverse or online but always maintaining the spirit of representation of the CSG community with a common agenda for the delegation led by CSG and which will present key projects.

The orientation of the mission (hospital management, functional nutrition, active and healthy ageing, etc.) depends on the partners that make up the delegation, which is usually made up of  regulators  (representatives of one of the three collaborating Ministries: Health, Social Policy, Industry),  R&D&i entities, industry  and  patient associations.

The role of CSG is crucial to carry out this internationalization service since it is in charge  of preparing the agendas, preparing the files of the participating entities, executing the mission and preparing an execution report.


LEX Japan: the Learning Expedition from October 9th to 15th

Day 2 of the LEX Japan

We begin the LEX Japan with a visit to iPark

LEX Paris

LEX Scotland