Testing and piloting

ITGALL is the private Galician network of health and social care Living Labs managed by the CSG that combines various capacities and a large community of users to test technology-based or digital-based solutions based on a person-centered approach.


“Learning Expedition – LEX” or study missions, are one of CSG’s main internationalization services. The main objective is to identify strategic partners and investment possibilities for the CSG ecosystem.

#RIES is the interational reference forum at a national and international level to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem. Led by the CSG (Cluster Saúde de Galicia), it has been created as a meeting forum between the main agents of the public and private health and socio-health sectors at a European level in collaboration with our strategic partners of the #CSGCommunity.

Strategic support and visibility

The Space KIT (Knowledge, Innovation and Technology) Saúde is an initiative promoted by the Cluster Saúde de Galicia. It’s main objectives are: transmitting knowledge applicable to the activity of other CSG members, promoting synergies between members, generating networking and identifying opportunities for business in the healthcare sector.

The main objective is to set up a technical office that facilitates the promotion and recruitment of projects in the health care field within the framework of the European Next Generation funds and, with special attention, to the positioning of Galicia in the PERTE linked to this sector.

CSG Connect is a internal communication system in which we explain in detail the opportunities that exist in the secor for the #CSGCommunity, we encourage an active and proactive ecosystem essential for synergies to occur, and we record all the news and needs of our partners in order to provide you with a better service.

Greentech Line

Green One Health (GOH) is CSG’s new line of research. GOH merges the principles of One Health and sustainability to address global challenges from a comprehensive perspective.

GOH represents the very essence of #OneHealth, recognizing the close relationship that exists between human, animal and environmental health. However, it goes further by also considering sustainability as a key component. This initiative seeks to transcend traditional research barriers, collaborating with experts and professionals from various disciplines to address complex and emerging problems.

Our goal with GOH is to analyze and understand how our actions can collectively affect the health of human populations, biodiversity and the quality of ecosystems. From the analysis of shared diseases by humans and animals to sustainable resource management. Therefore, GOH focuses on resilience and harmony between human and biological systems.