July 1st 2022 to June 30th 2024
Total budget: 499.575€

Senior Eco-Nect project aims at preparing a joint action plan to support the emergence and the development of European ECOsystems dedicated to silver and ageing ECOnomy as well as ensuring the inclusivity and interconNECTivity between all the key innovation stakeholders of the sector and cross-sectors.

The plan will be prepared in june 2024 and if selected, it’s implementation will start.

CSG's role

CSG participates in the mapping of the stakeholders and the solutions to be included in the action plan, the organization of thematic workshops and the dissemination of the results.

Who is it for?

To projects or services in rhe Silver Economy field in four main sectors: health, care, tourism and sport; in all of Europe, but mainly in the participating regions of Cork (south of Ireland), Arras (north of France), Slovenia and Galicia.

How to take part?

  1. Become a #SEN follower and register to get the newsletter and be up to date with all news: activities, visits by project partners to the Galician ecosystem and more.
  2. Register your Silver solution in the Silver Economy solution map by Senior Eco-Nect and position it to be one of the selected for the action plan.


Support the emergence, growth, efficiency, and interconnection of at least four European ecosystems dedicated to active & health ageing.
Unlock the full potential of the silver economy sector by integrating key transversal areas targeting the ageing population beyond the scope of health and care.
Ensure inclusiveness and interconnectivity between the key innovation players from across the quadruple helix around the sector of silver economy at the local, regional, national, and European levels and beyond.
Increase the efficiency and innovation potential of silver economy innovators and projects by addressing key challenges and exploiting the opportunities offered by this sector.
Encouraging synergies and complementarities between Senior Eco-Nect Joint Action Plan and the innovation programmes of public authorities.

Project partners


Senior Eco-Nect visits the Galician ecosystem

Visit to the Silver ecosystem of Slovenia as part of the Senior Eco-Nect project

CSG is part of the mapping of key stakeholders in Silver Economy for Senior Eco-Nect. Register your solution now!