January 1st 2023 to December 31st 2025
Total budget: 5.494.236€

The EDIH DATAlife project focuses on implementing disruptive technologies in validation and demonstration phases with great potential to increase the competitiveness of Galician companies and public administration, but little widespread at present. It is, therefore, necessary to support companies – especially SMEs – to facilitate their knowledge and adoption.

The services will be collected in a catalogue and free for SMEs. The services will be collected in a catalogue and free for SMEs. These will include advice for implementing new technologies and proofs of the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), High-Performance Computing (HPC), or Internet of Things (IoT).

CSG's role

The role of CSG focuses on test-before-invest services (piloting services in our living labs), stakeholder and ecosystem engagement, disseminating results, and fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Who is it for?

Agro-seafood, forestry-wood, biotechnology, and health care sectors (specially SMEs)

How to take part?

  • Being part of the catalog of services and as a partner of ITGALL strategic collaborators
  • Certify as an ITGALL Living Lab


Increase the competitiveness of enterprises, and especially SMEs, through the adoption of AI and Big Data technologies, promoting the creation of federated data spaces and their collaborative exploitation.
Sharing best practices with other regions through its experts committee, with ambassadors at national and international level, and with strategic relations with the participation in DIHs collaboration networks.
Be a one-stop shop for services, providing companies with access to advanced digital solutions through modern infrastructures for experimentation and technology validation.

Project partners

The EDIH-DATAlife project is formed by a consortium of 15 members of the Galician innovation ecosystem. It has research, scientific and technological centres (5 partners), sectoral clusters (5 partners), a knowledge transfer centre, two universities and a driving company. They represent all agents of demand, supply, and technology transfer.


Sectoral Table of technological diagnosis (health and care) of the EDIH DATAlife project

ITGALL, CSG Living Lab, is part of the new project EDIH and will share the know-how and tools resulting from the IN4AHA project.

We’re starting a new European project: EDIH DATAlife