Iván Rarís Filgueria, new Managing Director of the Galician Health Cluster, CSG

  • Iván Rarís will take over from Gisela García-Álvarez after 7 years at the head of the organization
  • CSG will continue with its objective of making Galicia the best place to grow old with health

Today marks a significant milestone for the Galician Health Cluster and its team. We are pleased to announce a significant change in our management, a step that reflects the continued growth and evolution of our organization.

The CSG was born as a visionary project in the region thanks to the impulse and the vision of its founders and collaborators From its creation, the CSG has become a key reference poitn for the promotion of innovation and development in the health and care sector in Galicia and beyond.

After over ten years of effort and collaboration, we can proudly affirm that we have made progress in our mission of building synergies that allow us to optimize our competitiveness and improve people’s lives. Because we’re always seeking to make Galicia the best place to grow old with health. We have witnessed how our projects, partners and collaborators have made a tangible difference in the quality life of people and the environment that surrounds us.

However, we understant the importance of looking towards the future and facing new challenges with renewed determination and leadership. In this spirit of continuous evolution, we welcome Iván Rarís Filgueira as CSG’s new Managing Director, thus taking up the baton left by Gisela García-Álvarez during these years.

About Iván Rarís

In the recent years, Iván has been the area director at AFAGA Alzheimer, an entity dedicated to innovation in comprehensive care for people with Alzheimer’s, simultaneously practicing as a lawyer specialized in the social care field. Iván has also been exercising different direct roles in various governing bodies of sectoral organizacions, such as the CSG, and university initiatives. He has also been a speaker at various national and international events in the health and care sector.

This transition marks a new chapter in the history of the CSG, but does not mean a breach, but rather a renewed and strengthened continuity of our commitments. We wish Gisela García-Álvarez the best of success and we are sure that our paths will cross again.

In this way, the Galician Health Cluster reaffirms its commitment to promoting excellence in the health sector. We thank our entire #CSG_Community in advance for their continued support on this journey. Together, we are committed to keep impulsing innovation, growth and collaboration to benefit the health and wellbeing of our community.

For more information, we provide the contact of the new Managing Director Iván Rarís: gerencia@clustersaude.com. The team’s contacts are also available on our website.

Together, we continue to move forward towards a future of sustainable health and wellbeing for all!