ECHAlliance first Spanish Ecosystem Gathering

The very first Spanish Ecosystem Gathering successfully brought together 22 speakers from across Spain and a packed room of 70 attendees on the 22nd of November in Barcelona, Spain.

Coinciding with the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the goal of this gathering jointly organised with the Catalan ecosystem led by AQuAS was to bring together the community of Spanish members and ecosystems to network between each other and learn best practices.

The Galician Health Cluster participated in the Ecosystems presentation and the debate panel “How to go international?”, with CSG’s Managing Director, Gisela García-Álvarez, taking part in both.


The event, moderated by ECHAlliance’s Andy Bleaden, Inés Luján and Iman Amar, started with the launch of the Spanish Presidency Connector featuring the community in Spain by ECHAlliance’s Adriana Díaz. You can take a look at the document here.

The first section of the gathering focused on the Spanish ECHAlliance ecosystems with presentations from:

  • Ramon Maspons, Chief Health Innovation Strategist, Ministry of Health, Government of Catalonia & Chief Innovation Officer, Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS) (Catalan eHealth Ecosystem)
  • Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, Managing Director, Cluster Saúde de Galicia (Galician Ecosystem)
  • Jonathan Gómez-Raja, Chief Scientific Officer, FundeSalud (Extremadura Health Ecosystem)
  • Pablo Gómez, President, Cluster SIVI (Castilla y León Health and Social Care Ecosystem)
  • Carlos Lapuerta, Managing Director, Arahealth (Aragón Health Ecosystem)
  • Idoia Muñoz, Managing Director, Basque Health Cluster (Basque Health Ecosystem)

Panel debate on “How to go international?”

A panel debate on “How to go international”, moderated by ECHAlliance’s Adriana Díaz, closed the event. Jovan Pavićević, International Markets Director, Better, Àuria Albacete, Senior Innovation Project Leader, BIOCAT, Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, Managing Director, Cluster Saúde de Galicia and Jonathan Gómez-Raja, Chief Scientific Officer, FundeSalud, inspired the audience by sharing their experience in successfully going international, either through EU projects, international programs for start-ups or learning expeditions.

The gathering continued on the 23rd of November with the Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) led by AQuAS. Discover more here