Visit to the Silver ecosystem of Slovenia as part of the Senior Eco-Nect project

Between June 14 and 16 we made our visit to the Silver ecosystem of Slovenia within the Senior Eco-Nect European project, starting with a working meeting about the project’s evolution and the achievement of milestones. CSG is responsible for the mapping of the most highlighted European Silver solutions. Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, PhD, Managing Director, and Sara Olveira Martínez, Communication, presented the results achieved so far.

In the second day, in Sežana we visited the hospital Hospital Sežana, with a gerontological rehabilitation programm focused on respiratory problems and the Inkubator Sežana where we got to know the case of the startup Sopotniki “car sharing for elderly”. Then in Izola we discovered the Hotel Delfin, with a cooperative model of vacation homes for seniors. We ended the day with a social visit to the Postojna caves, with an impressive and very interesting route.

The last day of the visit to the Slovenian ecosystem focused on learning about projects launched from BTC City Lab: one of the largest business centers in Southeast Europe. For almost 70 years it has combined three ecosystems: business, innovation and social impact. We have had the opportunity to learn about two projects launched from BTC: Simbioza (and its app Magda to improve digital skills) and GIB (sports society with more than 100 years of history).