CSG is part of the mapping of key stakeholders in Silver Economy for Senior Eco-Nect. Register your solution now!

The Galician Health Cluster, CSG, is part of the Senior Eco-Nect project. CSG’s role in this project focuses on carrying out the mapping of key stakeholders and solutions to be included in the action plan, as well as the organization of thematic workshops and the dissemination of results.

Started in July 2022, Senior Eco-Nect is a Horizon Europe project which aims at preparing a joint action plan to support the emergence and the development of European ECOsystems dedicated to silver and ageing ECOnomy as well as ensuring the inclusivity and interconNECTivity between all the key innovation stakeholders of the sector and cross-sectors.

One of the outputs of this project is the mapping of key stakeholders and organisations involved in silver economy in Europe (or with the potential to be involved), that is hosted on the project’s website and accessible for any organisation to register to appear on the mapping.

Discover all the silver economy solutions that are already on the map and register yours at https://www.senior-eco-nect.com/interactive-mapping/

Why register?

  • Identify new partners in Europe
  • Be part of a growing European silver economy ecosystem
  • Take an active role in promoting silver economy

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