LEX Japan: the Learning Expedition from October 9th to 15th

During the las week our last Learning Expedition of 2023, the LEX Japan, took place. Below we will review the highlights of this LEX, but first we want to thank once again the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña and its invaluable support for our activities.

LEX Participants

In this LEX we were accompanied by representatives of the Health Department of the Xunta de Galicia, Galaria, the University of A Coruña, VARPA Group, DomusVi, Gran3dad, O Lecer Senior Care, Bioprana, SIVSA and Atendo.

The Learning Expedition to Japan

Day 1: iPark

The LEX Japan began on October 9th with a context meeting in Tokyo, but the visits began on the 10th, the first being to iPark, the first science park managed by big pharma in Japan. The delegation participated in the visit to the facilities of this CSG collaborator, and received several visits at the joint stand representing all participating entities.

Day 2: WelTech, iCONM and OFECOME

During the second day of the Learning Expedition, a fruitful visit was carried out to the Living Lab Weltech in the city of Kawasaki integrated into its own residence with special attention to people with hearing problems.

We continued in said city to learn about the CHANGE program focused on longevity research and visited one of the iCONM research centers.

The day ended with a brief visit to the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo

Day 3: KOTOEN, TOPCON, ZENKOUKAI and Life manager

In this LEX, in addition to the main agenda, we had a secondary one focused on medtech, which had visits on October 12th and 13th. On October 12th, the main delegation visited KOTOEN, a residence with 3 floors (daycare, autonomous people and dependent people) that promotes intergenerational exchange, while the medtech delegation visited TOPCON, a leading Japanese company in instruments for eye health.

The day continued with a visit to ZENKOUKAI, Japan’s first assistive technology Living Lab run by a social welfare corporation, with a think tank and its own robot + AI laboratory.

Finally, we were able to meet a Life Manager, who explained his role in each Japanese family.

Day 4: Shintomi and Nidek

During the fourth day we again had the main agenda and the medtech agenda, visiting the participants of the first Shintomi, a residence with a support center for juvenile dementia, and a pioneer in the use of robotic technologies or Nursing-Care Robots (NCR), and the latter NIDEK, a company specialized in the manufacture of instruments for ophthalmology and optometry.

Day 5: Oogimi Visitor Center

October 14th was the last day of the main agenda of LEX Japan. To finish this Learning Expedition, we moved to Okinawa, the island of longevity, where we visited the Oogimi Visitor Center.

Oogimi has gained relevance after the visit of the Spanish author Héctor García, who wrote the book “Ikigai” after living two weeks in the house of an 88-year-old person, who was the one who received the LEX Japan delegation in Oogimi. Oogimi and other places in Okinawa celebrate their older people by going to each other’s homes.

Extension of the Learning Expedition in Okinawa

In this LEX Japan there was the option to extend the visit in Okinawa one more day, including October 15. On this day the delegation visited Bashofu Kaikan, where demonstrations of Bashofu (a fabric that is woven with Ito Basho fibers and dyed plant yarn) are held, and Seekwasa Park. Seekwasa is a citrus fruit native to Okinawa and its inhabitants use this fruit in various dishes.

What are LEX (Learning Expeditions)?

“Learning Expedition – LEX” or study missions, are one of CSG’s main internationalization services. The main objective is to identify strategic partners and investment possibilities for the CSG ecosystem.

These missions can be direct, reverse or online but always maintaining the spirit of representation of the CSG community with a common agenda for the delegation led by CSG and which will present key projects.

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