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The FPGMX is one of the main organizations that support clinical genetics in Spain, both in molecular and cytogenetic analysis, offering a large number of molecular diagnostic tests for hereditary diseases. Created by Decree 451/2003, of December 26 (DOG No. 9, January 15, 2004) functionally depends on the Department of Health of the Xunta de Galicia and its mission is to develop activities related to molecular medicine, understood as the knowledge about human genes, in which various disciplines of health sciences converge and generated from the incorporation of different molecular techniques as a result of advances in the areas of human genetics, biotechnology, gene therapy, pharmacogenetics or molecular immunology, as well as the knowledge and applications derived from the human genome project. Among the distinctive features of FPGMX, the promotion of health promotion and protection activities as well as our involvement in the promotion of the development of Genomic Medicine and Personalized Medicine stands out.
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The FPGMX is registered in the Registry of Health Centers, Services and Establishments of the AC of Galicia in accordance with Decree 12/2009 of January 8 of the Department of Health and has certificates according to the EMQN External Quality Assessment Scheme for different activities Diagnostics The laboratory currently performs more than 20,000 annual diagnostic tests annually. In addition, the results of the research work carried out by the professionals of the center are immediately transferred to the healthcare field, which has allowed the FPGMX to be established as a reference center.
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Ána Ézara Trillo
Administrative Head