ITGALL, the Galician Health Cluster network of Living Labs, expands its services and capacities

  • ITGALL is one of the main services of the cluster framed in the area of testing and piloting.
  • CSG has signed an agreement with the Galician Innovation Agency that supports the development of new services and growth which aims to establish a standard protocol for the validation of technology.

ITGALL, is network of care Living Labs offering piloting and testing services managed by the Galician Health Cluster. They are strategically organized around a validated testing protocol with well-being indicators and a rigurous follow up to ensure a co-creation and reproducible process with a special care for data management. They are part of a comprehensive model that merges: research, clinical excellence, digital transformation and technological development within the health, social and one health sectors. The essence of ITGALL lies in co-creation, allowing innovative solutions to be tested in various sectors through the active participation of different stakeholders.

It’s important to highlight that this network was born as a tangible result of the IN4AHA project, which was funded with European funds and used the Living Labs to test the implementation of technological/digital solutions in the context of active and healthy aging. From there, ITGALL positioned itself as a catalyst for the validation  and development of person centered products and services. Its objective, from the beginning, was to strengthen the capacity of companies in the health and care sector to innovate and transfer knowledge by creating new validation services for eHealth and biotechnology technologies without compromising value healthcare.

In this way, ITGALL offers a more professional approach that enables companies and entities to deploy technologies in the market effectively. At the CSG we believe that this impulse should not be limited only to Galicia, but rather seeks to generate opportunities for knowledge transfer beyond our  region, thus promoting a broader impact in the field of innovation and technological development. 

Who are the  ITGALL stakeholders?

This testing and piloting service currently has the active participation of various partners of the Galician Health Cluster committed to innovation and technological development in Galicia. These are: AFAGA Alzheimer, Ategal, Atendo, Cruz Vermella, DomusVi, FEGEREC, O Lecer and SARAIVA as testing centers. Other complementary service companies such as, Dinamiza,, Linknovate, and Silverology also collaborate in different phases of the testing process. In addition, ITGALL has framework agreements with other regional living labs such as CEBIOVET and LABSAÚDE for the support coordinating some of their  testing protocols.

Each of these entities play a fundamental role in collaboration and co-creation within the network, contributing their experience and knowledge and within their own centers.

In an effort to build bridges between innovation and the community, ITGALL partners actively collaborate on projects that positively impact Galician society. From educational programs that encourage the adoption of technologies to environmental actions that promote sustainability, these partners go beyond the conventional boundaries of technological research and development, demonstrating their commitment to a holistic and positive impact in the region. This comprehensive approach not only strengthens ITGALL’s position as a benchmark in innovation, but also consolidates its role as an agent of change in improving the quality of life in Galicia and beyond.

ITGALL’s future

A significant milestone in the advancement of ITGALL is that it was further materialized through the signing of a strategic agreement with the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN). This agreement establishes a clear horizon: to enhance Galicia’s capacity to conceive, validate and certify products and services in the field of biotechnology and health, taking full advantage of the capabilities of Living Labs (LLs). In the execution of this ambitious plan, innovative methodologies will be implemented that will allow the results of the testing in the LLs to be used for the certification of products and technologies. In addition, greater collaboration between LLs will be encouraged, promoting the formation of larger and more robust cohorts necessary for the certification processes. Likewise, the Living Labs will be used to raise the technological level of knowledge generated in Galician research organizations, thus consolidating a comprehensive ecosystem that promotes excellence in innovation and health.

This agreement not only marks a strategic stepping stone for ITGALL, but also reflects the shared commitment of the entities involved in strengthening the innovative fabric of Galicia. The synergy between the Galician Health Cluster and GAIN represents a significant step towards positioning the region as a reference in the creation and certification of biotechnological and health solutions, evidencing the joint vision of both entities in the promotion of cutting-edge research and technological excellence for the benefit of Galician society.
If you are an entity and want to test with ITGALL, don’t hesitate to contact the team.