Strategic internationalization plan 2018-2020

Health sector

In the context of the global economic and financial crisis that began in 2007, the foreign sector has regained the prominence that it had lost in the last decade, thus correcting one of the main imbalances in the Galician economy and contributing positively to a growth weighed down by a weak domestic demand.

In the internationalization of the business sector, Galicia has one of the basic pillars to improve its competitiveness and boost economic growth. In this context, the Council of the Xunta de Galicia approved the Internationalization Strategy of the Galician Company 2020.

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Strategic axes


Objectives and Actions to achieve innovation.


Objectives and Actions for international expansion.


Objectives and actions oriented to training.



  • Promote innovation in companies and organizations
  • Grow the ecosystem in the health sector
  • Search for financing funds for innovation
  • Representativeness as an innovative body
  • Channel of communication of results towards the health ecosystem


  • KIT SAUDE spaces (open doors + challenges)
  • Joint participation with other clusters to promote innovation collaboratively
  • Promotion and support to CPP and CPI + H2020 / CDTi
  • Start-ups facilities
  • Obtaining AEI



  • Conference # RIES2017
  • Market studies and search of complementary regions
  • Joint participation with other clusters
  • Commercial missions
  • Participation in international congresses #Galicia
  • Support to companies to market their innovative products (Fast Track to Innovation)


  • Detection and positioning in new markets
  • Identification of International Challenges in Health
  • Collaboration between companies and Clusters



  • Train teams by promoting knowledge and training in the management and health field


  • Healthy Information Pills
  • Joint MBA and vertical training (clusters)
  • Training in CPI, CPP and Horizon 2020