General Assembly & Board of Directors

The Cluster Saúde de Galicia is a non-profit organization registered in the General Register of Associations, with the number 2011/015855 – Section 1 of the Central Register of Associations, and constitutes its main purpose:

“To boost the competitiveness of Galicia, contributing to the economic and social development of the Autonomous Community, through cooperation between all institutions and public and private companies related to health and health, promoting business excellence in the sector, grouping companies, research centers, entities and institutions, to offer new opportunities for services for users, after acquiring a high level of business competitiveness through the realization of innovative projects “.

Its registered office is located at Avda. Fernando de Casas Novoa, nº 37. Edificio CNL. Portal A-B. 1st floor San Lázaro, 15707 Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The CSG is organized in a Board of Directors and a General Assembly, which is formed by all the members of the Cluster. Since September 1, 2016 the cluster is coordinated by a Cluster Manager.

The current structure of the governing bodies of the CSG is as follows:

President: Rocio Mosquera (Galaria, Empresa Pública de Servicios Sanitarios)

Vice-President: Carlos R. Morante (Centro Médico el Carmen)

Secretary: Luis Barros (Atendo)

Treasurer: Maite Gómez (Severiano Servicio Móvil)

Rest of the members:

Alberto Borrego Diez (Everis)

José Manuel Chao Ardao (Plexus S.L.)

José Noya (Linknovate )

Noelia López (Activiza)


Cluster Manager: Gisela Garcia-Alvarez