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Slogan: "Pursuing excellence", from the values ​​on which the KIOM Culture is based: Trust, Respect, Generosity and Humility Our companies have more than 30 years of experience offering their services uninterruptedly. A long road that has allowed us to learn and adapt to changes. Thanks to all the human team that has accompanied us during all this time and to our clients, we have been able to grow and learn until we are what we are today. Specifically, our two companies Tl, Sivsa and Coremain, have 30 and 26 years respectively of experience. Our Mission and Vision: To be specialized in specific (vertical) business sectors for which solutions are provided throughout the value chain, working as a team Develop and apply technology to improve people's lives and increase the competitiveness of companies, With a clear vocation and customer orientation. Facilitate our companies access to KIOM resources in an agile and structured way. To be an ecosystem in which our companies can grow collaboratively and strengthen their synergies, supporting creativity and innovation
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Experience in the management of large-scale projects for public administration in the health field Extensive experience in specific projects of Support and Maintenance Centers of Information Systems Dilated experience in the execution of consulting and development projects, with the consequent background in the management of users and projects, identification of requirements, prioritization of requests, generation of models and documentation, etc. The extensive knowledge base of the Health Information Systems fruit of the experience in Projects related to Project Management Offices and Support Centers specific in various Health Services, which allows to know the strengths and weaknesses of each one allowing to determine the factors that will have to act to correct deviations and malfunctions, reaching the expected quality levels. Knowledge of the current situation at the level of technology, communications, information systems, computer solutions, applications, etc. Our company is a company that has a Division specialized in Technology, which allows us to have at all times and updated knowledge of all technological trends The strategic level of knowledge and know-how acquired about Information Systems and evolution of the Health Information Systems. A team of highly qualified professionals capable of providing innovative solutions, with an important background and specifically in specialized functional consulting, support and maintenance of health information systems, and with technical knowledge derived from years of experience in technology strategy consulting.
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Fernando Otero Rodriguez
Director AAPP and Healthcare