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IDOM HEALTH in the field of innovation and architecture
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IDOM has a strategic health business unit, which provides professional services in the fields of architecture, engineering and consulting. IDOM is positioned not only as an innovative company but also as an active agent for the development of innovation and design in the business fabric, addressing projects oriented to:  Define innovation strategies in the business, product / service and process fields.  Systematize the business innovation process and implement systems for its management.  Systematize the product design and development process and implement design management systems.  Manage and execute projects in open innovation schemes.  Support intermediate organizations in the development of innovation projects and programs.  Design, develop and manage technology transfer processes and / or knowledge.  Develop the organizational and management strategies and models of the technological infrastructures that support the innovation process (Parks and Technology Centers, Science Parks, etc.), establishing links between them.  Identify and provide development strategies for clusters and / or innovative sectors.  Formulate regional and / or state innovation strategies  Innovation of business models and creation of new technology-based companies. In this sense, IDOM has created a work team aimed at open innovation and Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) that has placed it today as the leading company at the CPI level in the world, being the only company with experiences in the design and implementation of CPI systems in different countries of Latin America (Mexico and Colombia) and Spain.
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Rafael Espinosa Azofra