Final resolution of the connect-19 program: 4 selected companies from #EcosistemaCSG.

Four companies of the #EcosistemaCSG, Novos Sistemas de Información, S.L., Envita Digital Solutions S.L., LEGALMIT S.L. and SOLTEC INGENIEROS SL have been chosen for the connect-19 acceleration program. Our congratulations to them and the rest of the selected ones!

The Technological Park of Galicia (Tecnópole) and the Xunta de Galicia promote the program CONNECT-19  which focuses on accelerating the arrival on the market of innovative cross-sector solutions that can contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

Is about:

• A SPECIALIZED accelerator in solutions to the new context generated by COVID-19. In order to take advantage of the market opportunity and respond to the associated social and industrial demand, position the Galician business network as a global reference.
• A MARKETING accelerator. These solutions must have the character of an immediate implementation in the market, since what is intended to achieve is to strengthen marketing in the market in the shortest possible time.

All this applying a previously proven acceleration methodology that is fully adapted to the needs of the participating companies and with a duration of 5 months and a budget of almost € 600,000.

Our partners participate in two ways:

– As innovative and / or technology-based Galician SMEs with an innovative product or service, who can contribute to the fight against the impact produced by the COVID-19 crisis and who are likely to join the market immediately (technological maturity level TRL9) or that is already in the market but needs momentum for its positioning.

– As mentors: One of the pillars of this program is the disinterested participation of experts / mentors of recognized prestige who, due to their knowledge and / or experience, can solve specific queries, adding value to acceleration activities and, therefore , contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Program: viability of going to market I Boost marketing I Strengthen its business model I Increase the attraction of external financing. Inova Labs is the company awarded the consulting service and our mentor partners will work with them to support the selected companies.

Here you can find the final resolution.