EPIC organizes a webinar about the implementation of voice activated data entry in the health sector

The CSG attended on June 25th the webinar organized by EPIC (eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly) and which theme was about the possibilities of implementing voice-activated data entry within the health sector, using Ask Cornwall, an online community designed to make useful connections and share ideas for improvements in the health and care sectors.

During the session, led by Inocencio Maramba, EPIC Research Associate, a study was highlighted in which it was found that medical personnel, specifically nursing personnel, dedicated a third of their time to data entry and administrative tasks.

Specifically, the talk focused on whether the use of voice interface technology could help reduce the burden of paperwork in health and care settings, and whether it could provide a benefit for infection control.

In this regard, new advances in artificial intelligence mean that voice interfaces can present an opportunity to reduce time spent on administration, capture standardized information, and allow more direct patient interaction. Among the benefits that were mentioned, the reduction of the risk of transmitting infections by touching shared devices, for example, keyboards or screens, as well as the efficiency and accuracy of patient records, were also mentioned, among others.

During the session, a debate was also generated in relation to several questions that were raised in relation to the use of this technology in the healthcare environment as well as the improvements that certain professionals in the sector could suggest to achieve greater efficiency in their work.