CSG participated in the panel of speakers of the launching event of ECHAlliance Hesse Ecosystem

On August 31, the launch of ECHAlliance third German ecosystem was held in Hessen, Germany. This new ecosystem is coordinated by the consulting firm SGD.17 . It has high representation of the pharmaceutical industry and technology companies, interested in creating synergies with our ecosystem. 

This is an event to which the CSG, through its Managing Director Gisela García-Álvarez, was invited to participate as a speaker and which also included the participation, among others, of Andy Bleaden, Director Ecosystems and Membership of ECHAlliance; Dr. Arunangsu Chatterjee Head of Digital Education, Associate Professor of Digital Health & Education,University of Plymouth; Dr. Alexia Zurkhulen, Manager of HRCB Porjekt GmbHIvonne Dauer Head of Public Relations and Communications Medical Valley ENM; and Natalia Korchakova-Heeb, Managing Director of SDG.17 Consulting GmbH..

During their interventions, each speaker talked about the goals and activities carried out by each entity, always focusing on the opportunities generated by a collaborative culture. In this sense, Andy Bleaden indicated that ecosystems bring together a permanent community of partners to develop a joint health agenda, with the aim of addressing and finding common solutions to regional health challenges, also highlighting that the main benefits of working together in an Ecosystem is the multiplier effect of collaborating in an international network of Ecosystems where access to international markets, collaboration with other regions and the expansion of innovation are generated on a larger scale.

As a final review of yesterday’s session, it would be important to highlight that the Hesse region comprises a health industry that is booming and growing dynamically, comprising 446,000 workers and generating € 26 billion, being an important piece in the German health industry. As a location for business, Hesse is characterized by a vibrant cluster landscape. More than 30 partnerships with a total of 1100 participating companies are listed on the portal www.hessen-cluster.de

You can take a look at the event by clicking here.

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