27 September 2013

Ageing is one of the greatest social and economic challenges of the 21st century for the society: to improve the quality of life of elderly and / or disabled people, by ensuring the sustainability of health care systems and social security. These demographic changes also open a new field of business and innovation opportunities, since it is a growing market segment that demands new products and services and a new business model.

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For that reason, the Cluster Saúde de Galicia is organizing a meeting, to identify business opportunities from the European Spanish and Galician demographic reality, and to communicate the importance of active and healthy aging for the welfare of the population and the sustainability of the health system and the economy to the society.


Hotel San Francisco – Santiago de Compostela. Web Hotel San Francisco


27 September, 2013


Partners free.

Not partners : 60 €.


9:00 Registration.

9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks.

     D. Angel Matamoro Irago. Presidente del CSG.

     D. Luis Alvarez Sestelo. Vicepresidente del CSG.

9:30 Session I: Plenary Sesion Challenges and Opportunities arising from population ageing.


D. Luis Alvarez Sestelo.Vice-president of Cluster Saúde de Galicia.


Dª.Sonia Martínez Arca.Dirección Xeral de Innovación e Xestión da Saúde Pública da Conselleria de Sanidade. (General Director of Innovation and Public Health Management)

D. Brian O’Connor.Chair. European Connected Health Alliance.

11:00 Session II: Financial support instruments. Public and private venture capital.


D. Manuel Varela Rey. General Director of Axencia Galega de innovación de Galicia.


D. Javier López Martínez. Director of Pedro Barrié de la Maza Fundation.

D. Juan Manuel Cividanes Roger. General Director of XesGalicia.

D. Miguel Souto Mora. Managing Director of Keramat.

12:00 Break.Networking space.

12:30 Session III: Innovating for the elderly in the area of health Organization with the support of TIC.


Dª. Mª Luisa Brandt Sanz. Manager of Galaria.


D. Benigno Rosón Calvo.Deputy Director General for Information Systems and Technology of Conselleria de Sanidade.

D. Julio García Comesaña. Deputy Director General of Health Planning and assurance of Conselleria de Sanidade.

            D. Javier Yanguas Lezaun.R&D Director of Matia Fundation.

14:00 Greeting Conselleira Sanidade Dª. Rocío Mosquera Álvarez.

14:15 Networking lunch.

15:30 Session IV: The contribution of biotechnology to aging process.


     D. Oswaldo Alvarez Francisco. Director of Biofabri.


D. Jorge Blanco ÁlvarezDirector of the E. coli Reference Laboratory (LREC).USC

Dª. Mónica Olivares Martín. Research Director of Biosearchlife.

16:45 Session V: Food and nutrition in the elderly.


D. Ángel Matamoro Irago. President of Cluster Saúde de Galicia.

D. Miguel  Ángel Martínez Olmos. Nutrition Unit of Endocrinology and Nutrition, University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela.   

Dª. Ana Belén Crujeiras Martínez. Researcher in the Department of Cancer Epigenetics Research Institute of Bellvitge (IDIBELL).

D. Roberto Rodríguez Pérez. Scientific Director of Campofrio.

18:00 Closing Remarks.