The cluster

 We are a non-profit association whose main objective is the business dynamization of Galicia, contributing to the economic and social development of the region, through cooperation among all institutions and public and private companies related to the health system, by performing innovative projects.

 In September 2011, a group of companies, universities, scientific and medical research and public health entities are clustered in order to form the Cluster Health of Galicia, responding to an initiative of the “Conselleria de Sanidade” referred in the Strategic Plan Sergas 2014.

Throughout these years, new partners were incorporated to this initiative. Currently has private and public companies, foundations, research centers, technology centers and universities; that are located in the various links in the value chain of the health sector in Galicia.


To boost the competitiveness of the healthcare industry of Galicia contributing to its economic and social development through cooperation among all public and private institutions in the health sector.


To be the cohesive element for the healthcare macrosector in Galicia and the catalyst for an effective cooperation in R&D&I

  • To increase the capacity of R&D&I of agents in the healthcare sector in Galicia.
  • To manage the existing knowledge among industrial professionals who operate in the sector.
  • To create an environment that supports innovation in order to improve business competitiveness.
  • To contribute to wealth creation on the health business sector.
  • To attract new organizations and institutions in the field of health in order to enrich the Galician business network.
  • To create and consolidate links between the different actors.

 We are a non-profit association "Cluster Saúde de Galicia". The General Assambly is the highest governing body, which is composed of all association members.

The General Assembly has the following functions:

  • To approve future activities,
  • To approve annual accounts and annual budgets,
  • The appointment of the Mangement Board.

The Management Board is the leading body of the cluster, which is composed of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Organization chart

 Innovation: Approach of R&D&i projects: Workshops, Focus Groups; Search Project partners among cluster members, information on sources of funding.

Training: Conducting training sessions about topics of common interest (innovative public procurement, licensing, patents, H2020, etc.), conferences.

Visibility: representación del sector ante organismos relevantes del sistema económico de Galicia. Posicionamiento internacional, y visibilidad de la industria de la salud.

Networking: Promoting knowledge and projects among the cluster members; co-organization of conferences (INNO ACTIVE AGEING); “Espacios Kit Saúde”;

Channeling: To act as an active bidirectional speaker and a Galician business network, which transmitting the companies proposals and initiatives to the administration and inform the cluster members of the needs of the administration.

 Cluster Saúde de Galicia believes that alliances with related bodies can help us to improve. In order to this, with the objective of improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the activities, we have signed the following agreements:


Download: AHOSPGAL's Agreement


Download: CLUSAGA's Agreement

 World Health Organization (WHO) says «Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.»

Thus, health is a key element of the welfare state, and affects all citizens throughout their lives. Therefore, it is important that to be the engine of economic grow and social development by contributing to the creation of wealth and employment in Galicia.

Below, it’s shown the Health Value Chain , which describes the healthcare sector in our region and the Healthcare Sector Process Map.