22 July 2013

Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) refers to targeting productive / regional business, in our case the Galician Community, in areas of potential development ompetitivos and generators under a global context. innovation strategies at national and regional smart specialization (RIS3 strategies) consist of integrated economic transformation agendas dealing territorial five major issues:

• Focus on policy support and investment priorities, key challenges and needs of the country or region for development based on knowledge.

• Leverage the strengths, competitive advantages and potential for excellence in each country or region.

• They support technological innovation, as well as practice-based and aim to encourage private sector investment.

• Involve full participants and encourage innovation and experimentation.

• They are based on evidence and include robust systems for monitoring and evaluation ..

This initiative arises from the Europe 2020 strategy of the European Union, which aims to combat structural weaknesses through three mutually reinforcing priorities:

- Smart growth, based on knowledge and innovation

- Sustainable growth, promoting a more efficient use of resources, greener and more competitive;

- Inclusive growth, fostering job-creating economy that promotes economic, social and territorial.

In this strategy, the European Commission framed the concept of smart specialization, originally promoted from the regional policy field, but strongly supported from the research and innovation policy, understanding that it is an essential tool to ensure synergies in generating building through its Horizon 2020 initiative (formerly Framework Programme for R & D) and the Structural Funds.

Thus, in the context of Europe 2020 smart specialization emerges as a key to locate innovation policies. It has therefore been proposed as ex-ante conditionality of future Structural Funds. This means that each Member State and European region must have a well-developed specialization strategy before receiving Structural Fund support for their efforts to promote innovation.

Select the appropriate performance indicators to the level of the smart strategy of specialization is extremely important for the Cohesion Policy, it is the way of verifying that the incentives for, and responses from all the agents involved are properly aligned and policies meet the objectives, or can be adjusted if necessary, creating a virtuous circle of political education for regional development.

And it is in this task in the that is participating the Cluster Saude in Galicia, with the, actively participating as a partner of the business fabric, gathering and transmitting the members of the CSG, with the object of aim of raising awareness of the concerns of enterprises and to cooperate with the Axncia Galega of innovation in the definition of these indicators.

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