22 July 2013

Currently the Cluster Saúde de Galicia is participating in the KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities). The KICs are organizations promoted by the European Commission through the EIT (European Institute of Technology) with the mission to "lead the world in innovation in a number of key challenges posed by the Commission." Its members are independent organizations designed to bring the concept of network innovation into practice. They have legal personality, which combined companies (including SMEs), entrepreneurs, technology and research centers, higher education institutions, investment communities, research funders, including foundations, and government.

The activity of a KIC should involve at least 3 organizations, which must be established in at least 3 member states. Must include at least a center of higher education and a private company.

They must have a vision of business, based on objectives and indicators to short, medium and long term. Should be directed to a horizon of 7-15 years, with short, medium and long-term objectives listed in their business plans.

The Business Plan includes two types of activities:

• Value-added activities: These refer to activities that are new, exprofeso within the KIC, which is aligned with the thematic lines and indicators of KIC.

• Complementary activities: are activities already carried out by the partners before the existence of the KIC, and still being carried out.

Why is it interesting for partners of the CGS?

Because it provides:

• Financing up to 100% of R + D + i developed within the priorities of the KIC, in cooperation with other agents in the KIC.

• Co-financing through other ongoing projects, own company, and funded in other ways.

• Strategic positioning in Europe. Integration in international innovation structures of great potential. Contacting health sector actors from other European regions. The KIC is the seed for community-level position.

• Develop training programs in conjunction with universities and research fabric, aligned with the needs of the business sector.

• From the EIT is expected to create three new KICs in 2014, and one of them will be about the Innovation for a healthy and active aging (KIC Health).

From the Galician Health Service envisaged this as an opportunity for development of the sector in Galicia and therefore the application has become Galician (KIC Gallaecia) to join other international ("KIC LIVING HEALTHY AND ACTIVE AGEING" along with the Basque Country and Scotland), which is in preparation.

Who participates in the KIC GALLAECIA at this time?


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